MMBK Cup 2019

2019-06-02 All day
Mátyásföldi modellreptér
Address: Mátyásföldi repülőtér, 1165 Budapest

Dear Competitors,

According to our F3A calendar first competition of the year, 2019 will be MMBK Cup.

Our announcement:

We invite all of you to Open Internation F3A MMBK Cup 2019 on 2th of June 2019 (Sunday). This year we are going to use the Notaumatic system for administering the scores.

For approaching you can find the enclosed map at the end of the announcement.

Conditions of participation:

  1. Only registered competitors with valid insurance coverage are accepted in the competition. You can apply to our competition here. You can see the list of participants here.
  2. Competition rules: schedule P-19, FAI Sporting Code Volume F3A.  There will be 3 rounds scheduled with the P-19 program. Every round will be normalized by the Notaumatic system This will give the ranking of the competition. The first 3 pilots will be prized.
  3. Welcome and registration: 9:30. Warm-up flight: 9:45 – 10:00. Start of the 1st round: 10:00 .
  4. Competition fee is 10 Euro per competitor to be paid during registration at the flight site before the contest starts.
  5. Judges: Hársfalvi Pál, Horváth Szabolcs, Ócsai Róbert

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards,

Peaceful, alias: Baksa Zsolt